Sport is healthy – if you’re reasonable! Come winter time, we rarely feel outdoorsy, but despite that it’s a good idea to be active out in the fresh air. It has all the advantages (better mood, better shape, better figure, enhanced immunity and oxidation). Cycling is recommended to pros only, but you can easily go with trekking, jogging, nordic walking, and even skating or sleighing! However, you should remember about several important things – do no harm, after all.  

First – warm-up. No matter what activity you choose, it’s always important to warm up. Our muscles and joints must heat up to avoid injuries – which are all too common in the winter. Moreover, warmed up muscles perform better, which makes training more effective.

Second – consider your outfit, which must always fit the current season. In the winter, your clothes’ primary function is to protect you against freezing and soaking. You can’t go wrong with thermo-active gear and layers (onion-style). Don’t forget your head gear, scarf, gloves, warm socks and comfy boots.

Third – consistency. There are better and worse days, but even if you’re down – don’t skip training. When you finally scramble off your sofa, you’ll thank yourself for moving once you come back. Moreover, regular training will get your body accustomed to lower temperatures and eventually you won’t mind. Regular exercise will route more oxygen to your brain and sub par performance will be scarce.

If you train regularly, you should also remember about proper hydration. A good idea is also to include dietary supplements in your daily menu – they will enrich it with ingredients supporting your active body. You may want to try Herbi Shots Sport – a herbal, fruit-flavoured preparation. It contains three antioxidants (Rhodiola rosea L., Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim., Schisandra chinensis) which will guarantee psychosomatic well-being.

Physical activity and fit lifestyle have numerous health benefits, particularly they immensely improve your daily life quality. That’s why don’t be discouraged by the winter aura; the sooner you start making the changes, the sooner you start noticing the positive outcomes around you.