Sport is healthy – if you’re reasonable! Come winter time, we rarely feel outdoorsy, but despite that it’s a good idea to be active out in the fresh air. It has all the advantages (better mood, better shape, better figure, enhanced immunity and oxidation). Cycling is recommended to pros only, but you can easily go with trekking, jogging, nordic walking, and even skating or sleighing! However, you should remember about several important things – do no harm, after all.

January 3 2022

The autumn-winter period is a difficult time for many of us. Bad weather, low temperatures, short days (no natural light) all lead to reduced psychological, but also physical performance. You often don’t even feel like getting the groceries, let alone being physically active – right? Little, scare or even zero physical activity and sneaking out for a comfort snack unfortunately leads to a couple of extra kilograms, which you particularly start noticing in the spring. So how to take care of your figure during those cold and unwelcome months?

December 21 2021

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program. Project pursued as part of the National Centre for Research and Development competition: BRIdge Alfa.

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