The autumn-winter period is a difficult time for many of us. Bad weather, low temperatures, short days (no natural light) all lead to reduced psychological, but also physical performance. You often don’t even feel like getting the groceries, let alone being physically active – right? Little, scare or even zero physical activity and sneaking out for a comfort snack unfortunately leads to a couple of extra kilograms, which you particularly start noticing in the spring. So how to take care of your figure during those cold and unwelcome months?

First – consider your diet. Opt out of greasy foods – bake, braise or steam rather than fry. Eliminate comfort snacks – go for seasonal fruit and veg at the expense of salty or sweet foods. Make sure your meals have as many vitamins and minerals as possible. Also – remember to hydrate! When it’s cold, you don’t feel thirsty too often, which doesn’t mean your body is well hydrated.

Second – movement! You don’t necessarily have to jog outdoors. You may train at home, do yoga, hit the gym, the pool or your local fitness club. Regular walks also count as physical activity, so it’s a good idea to plan an everyday 45-minute relaxed walk. It doesn’t seem like much, but this too will benefit you figure and well-being. Also remember to stay positive. If it’s snowy outside, don’t be grumpy that it’s cold – just get your warm clothes, take your near and dear outdoors and plan a snowball fight or go ice skating! It’s a great idea for winter physical activity.

Apart from a well-balance diet and enough movement, it’s a good idea to consider dietary supplements, which will enrich your daily menu with metabolism-supporting ingredients. You may want to try Herbi Shots Slim – a herbal, fruit-flavoured preparation. It is made of four herbs that help keep your body weight in check.

Artichoke, which positively affects blood lipid levels and heart functioning. It is also good for proper digestion.

Garcinia cambogia, which supports fat metabolism, helps control body weight. Reduces appetite.

Wild strawberry, which is good for digestion.

Nettle, which supports physiological bodily water management processes, affects kidney functioning and boosts energy levels.

Finally – what else should you remember about? Getting a good night’s sleep! A well-rested body has much more energy during the day and is less susceptible to infections.

Balanced diet, regular movement, dietary supplements and positive attitude will help you through this figure buster period with no extra kilograms!